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OTAKA products have been used in various fields and plants .

Specially developed products

HARD CLUTCH High coefficient of friction, Edge abrasion of resistance
HARD CLUTCH U High durability
TOUGH-ACE Series High mechanical strength, Reduction of abrasion, High chemical resistance
TOUGH-ACE U High Abrasion Resistance, High Chemical Resistance
"GUTS" RUBBER Super High Strength. Abrasion Resistance for Steel Plate Edge.
HIGH-HOPE High Heat Resistance and Low Cost Achieved !
HIGH CLUTCH High coefficient of friction, Oil resistance , Wear resistance
HIGH CLUTCH WIDE High grip and high durability performance can be added to various rubbers
HIGH CLUTCH PLUS High grip, High durability
HIGH CLUTCH-U High hardness, Slip resistance
Super Sink Resistance, Renewal & Revolution
Mineka 93 Heat resistance, Water resistance
High Resist Solvent resistant special rubber
Hyper hope Rubber that can withstand 300℃
HIGH POWER Heat resistant, Wear resistance
POLYACE Heat resistance, High wear resistance, Oil resistance
Beyond Superior Abrasion Resistance of Urethane
TOUGHLON,UNIPRENE High intensity,High Modulus of elasticity, Wear resistance, Urethane rubber
MINEKA Series High hardness, Pressure-proof , Heat-resistance, Strong resin
HIGH SILKE-HX Alkali resistance, Load endurance
VILON Oxidation resistance, Wear resistance
TACKY High adhesion
TACKY CLEANER Dust removing device by adhesion of TACKY.

※The products inherited from The YOKOHAMA RUBBER COMPANY, LIMITED

Y Series (Y519〜633)  

※The products inherited from TOYO TIRE & RUBBER CO., LTD.

HAS Series Heat-resistance, Wear resistance , Chemical resistance
HIGHMAX T,U Heat-resistance, Oil resistance ,Wear resistance
MIGHTYLON Chromic acid resistance


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