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OTAKA products have been used in various fields and plants .

Specially developed products

HARD CLUTCH High coefficient of friction, Edge abrasion of resistance
HARD CLUTCH U High durability
TOUGH-ACE Series High mechanical strength, Reduction of abrasion, High chemical resistance
"GUTS" RUBBER Super High Strength. Abrasion Resistance for Steel Plate Edge.
HIGH-HOPE High Heat Resistance and Low Cost Achieved !
HIGH CLUTCH High coefficient of friction, Oil resistance , Wear resistance
HIGH CLUTCH WIDE High grip and high durability performance can be added to various rubbers
HIGH CLUTCH PLUS High grip, High durability
HIGH CLUTCH-U High hardness, Slip resistance
Super Sink Resistance, Renewal & Revolution
Mineka 93 Heat resistance, Water resistance
High Resist Solvent resistant special rubber
Hyper hope Rubber that can withstand 300℃
HIGH POWER Heat resistant, Wear resistance
POLYACE Heat resistance, High wear resistance, Oil resistance
TOUGHLON,UNIPRENE High intensity,High Modulus of elasticity, Wear resistance, Urethane rubber
MINEKA Series High hardness, Pressure-proof , Heat-resistance, Strong resin
HIGH SILKE-HX Alkali resistance, Load endurance
VILON Oxidation resistance, Wear resistance
TACKY High adhesion
TACKY CLEANER Dust removing device by adhesion of TACKY.

※The products inherited from The YOKOHAMA RUBBER COMPANY, LIMITED

Y Series (Y519〜633)  

※The products inherited from TOYO TIRE & RUBBER CO., LTD.

HAS Series Heat-resistance, Wear resistance , Chemical resistance
HIGHMAX T,U Heat-resistance, Oil resistance ,Wear resistance
MIGHTYLON Chromic acid resistance


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